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WEBINAR – The Current Status & History of Eels in Inishowen – 1st April 2021
Tomás Lawrence – Mill River Conservation Association – Eels in Inishowen – TLawrence-01April2021 (PDF 1.4MB)
Dr. Liam Campbell – Lough Neagh Partnership – Eels, Enigmas and Lough Neagh – LCampbell-01April2021 (PDF 7.9MB)
Report ‘The European Eel in Inishowen – A Desktop Research Report‘ by Tomás Lawrence (PDF 2.5MB)



WEBINAR – Drainage & River Management – 19th November 2020
Prof. Ken Whelan, UCD, AST
Rosemary McCloskey, IRT, Stroud District Council
Drainage and River Management in Ireland – Whelan and McCloskey – 19.11.2020 – (PDF 19MB)

Drainage_and_River_Management_IRTWebinar_QandA_FINAL (PDF 212KB)

Riparian Rights & Responsibilities
19th September 2020
Paul McMahon, McMahon Legal – Riparian Rights & Responsibilities – (326KB PDF)
Inga Bock, Donegal Rural Recreation Officer (DLDC) – Rural Recreation in County Donegal – (2.2MB PDF)


Nature Based Solutions for Flood Management in Inishowen (with specific focus on Clonmany) – 23rd July 2020
Prof. Mary Bourke – YouTube video of presentation – 23 mins – Clonmany Community Centre, Inishowen


The Opportunities for Natural Water Retention Measures in Inishowen – 14th Feb 2020

Prof. Mary Bourke & Dr. Paul Quinn – Opportunities for NWRM in Inishowen (PDF 900KB) – Presentation at launch event in Colgan Hall, Carndonagh



Missing Salmon Project & Likely Suspects – 10th May 2019

Prof. Ken Whelan – ‘Salmon under pressure‘ (PDF 4.6MB) –  Article from Off The Scale Issue 25, Nov-Dec 2018


Farming & Flooding – May 28th 2019

Prof. Mary Bourke, Trinity College Dublin

Dr. Paul Quinn, Newcastle University, UK – Catchment Management: A holistic interventionist approach to catchment management  (PDF 11MB)


All Ireland Daubenton’s Bat Waterways Survey – June 5th 2019

Monitoring takes place in August.

First survey to be completed between August 1st and August 15th

Second survey to be completed between August 16th and August 31st

The link to the BCIreland website with all of the support material for the scheme is pasted below:

Please see call library here (this will help with the sonic member before heading out):



‘Slow the Flow’ Presentations – Feb 19th 2018

Dan Turner, Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust (PDF 6MB Dan-Turner-YorkshireDalesRT-NFM)

Prof Mary Bourke, Trinity College Dublin (PDF 6MB Mary-Bourke_IRT_Feb_2018_)

Conor Galvin, OPW (PDF 2MB Conor-Galvin-Slow-the-Flow-Feb2018)

Brendan Maguire – Gerry McCafferty, Inland Fisheries Ireland (PDF 16MB IFI-Slow-the-Flow-Feb2018)


Restoring Rivers – September 29th 2018

Dr. Barry Walls, BW Consultant Engineer – BWCE Ltd – Restoring Rivers Sept 2018 – IRT (PDF 4.5MB)


Woodlands for Water Presentation – Oct 27th 2018

Ken Bucke, Forest Service – Woodlands for Water Oct 2018  (PDF 12.5MB)



Invasive Alien Plants – 24th September 2016

Mark Horton, Ballinderry Rivers Trust – Riverbank Alien Invasive Plant Species – How to identify them and plan for their control (PDF)


Riverview – newsletter of the inishowen rivers trust


Planting Trees & Hedgerows: Selecting, planting & caring for trees in Inishowen

IRT Opportunities for Natural Water Retention Measures in Inishowen 
Executive Summary of Report (PDF 443KB)

Who’s Who on Inishowen Rivers
(Booklet PDF 8MB Inishowen_Rivers_Trust_Directory_of_contacts )

Flood Management & Natural Water Retention Measures
(1MB IRT-FloodMgt&NWR-Leaflet)

Woodlands & Water
(PDF 830KB IRT-Woodlands&Water-Leaflet)

IRT Membership Form
(PDF 900KB Inishowen_Rivers_Trust_Membership_Form)

IRT Volunteer Registration Form
(Word doc 58KB  IRT_Volunteer_Registration_Form_v052020)

IRT General Leaflet – Find Out more about the Trust (2020)
Inishowen_Rivers_Trust_GENERAL_2020_FINAL (PDF 800KB)

Eels in Inishowen
Eels-in-Inishowen-FINAL – PDF Leaflet (10MB)