TG4 Documentary -Tuilte featuring Trish Murphy (IRT) and Thomas Lawrence (TMRCG)

Inishowen Rivers Trust are very excited to announce that they will be on TV soon!

Trish Murphy, Project Officer with the Trust, and previous trustee Tomas Lawrence (The Mill River Conservation Group) recently took part in filming a documentary in Buncrana and Clonmany.

Tuilte (Flood) highlights recent flooding events in places like Inishowen, Belfast, Monaghan and Galway, capturing the human cost and finding out what people are doing locally to address the flooding issue.

The documentary looked at how Inishowen Rivers Trust are using nature based solutions to natural flood management as an alternative to hard engineering works to slow the flow of water through river catchments and reduce the impacts of flooding on local communities.

We see Inishowen Rivers Trust and The Mill River Conservation Group in action on the Crana River in Buncrana, with the help of volunteers, building a natural revetment along the river bank as well as showcasing the leaky dam natural flood management project in Clonmany.

The documentary will be aired on Wednesday the 21st February on TG4 at 2100hrs.