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Calling All Landowners: Let’s Defend Against Floods Naturally!

Dear Landowners and Farmers,

We’re reaching out to you because we believe in a smarter way to tackle flooding. Instead of battling against nature, let’s work with it. Our Natural Flood Management (NFM) initiative is all about using the land to our advantage, creating natural defenses that protect our communities.

Why Choose NFM?

  • Sustainable: It’s all about long-term solutions. NFM helps us manage flood risks by working with the natural landscape.
  • Cost-Effective: Big infrastructure projects can cost a fortune. NFM uses the natural terrain to control floods without the hefty price tag.
  • Strength in Unity: When we all chip in, our community becomes stronger. NFM isn’t just about protecting individual plots of land; it’s about safeguarding our entire area.

Find out more and get involved

For more information please email or call 0838081761