Wild Trout Trust in Inishowen

Nov 2017 – In November Gareth Pedley from the Wild Trout Trust, UK visited Inishowen for an advisory visit of the Culdaff River. This was an excellent opportunity to walk along the entire river and hear insights from an expert. Gareth has now prepared a documented report on the current status of the river and banks with recommendations for the future. This has been sent to the Culdaff Anglers who have already carried out many restorative and enhancing works to the river.

On Nov 1st, Gareth gave a talk in the Wee Hall in Culdaff which was well attended by anglers from all the main groups in Inishowen. In recognition of the work of the Culdaff Anglers, executives from the Loughs Agency presented the  Angling Club of the Year award for 2017 to Mervyn Norris and Ciaran McGonigle, both of which are directors of the Inishowen Rivers Trust.

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