Riparian Rights & Responsibilities

19 Sept 2020 – The Inishowen Rivers Trust were delighted to welcome two highly knowledgeable speakers to our Riparian Rights & Responsibilities discussion held recently in the Inishowen Gateway Hotel, Buncrana. Solicitor Paul McMahon from McMahon Legal, has written extensively on the subject of riparian rights and Rural Recreation Officer, Inga Bock, has many years of practical experience dealing with issues experienced by landowners in Donegal.

Paul began by discussing the bigger picture on land ownership and how riparian rights add to this. He then went into more detail on the range of organisations involved in water and land issues and covered a section on easements. Inga provided information on her work in dealing with landowners and permissive access. He also discussed test cases brought against landowners and assured the audience that no successful case against a landowner has ever been taken in Ireland. She provided a leaflet Recreation in the Irish Countryside to the audience which is a very useful guide for landowners and users. This leaflet is due to be updated soon.

After a break and a chance to get outside for fresh air, Paul continued his presentation covering fisheries rights, the Water Framework Directive, water pollution, wastewater, agriculture, forestry, planning, drainage and Brexit. A very thorough coverage of all aspects of dealing with water in Ireland.

We would like to extend a warm thank you to all the participants who came to this event, for participating in the discussion and for respecting the Covid guidelines. Thanks also to Ed from Northern Lights Film who captured the talks.

Many thanks to our funders Donegal County Council (Development Fund Initiative 2020) and LAWPRO for supporting this highly valuable event. In the coming months we will be releasing short information clips from the presentation which was filmed and will produce a short booklet summarising the details dealt with by Paul McMahon. The presentations by both speakers are provided here and through our Downloads page.

Funders of Riparian Rights & Responsibilities workshop.