Rethink Ireland Funding for River Guardians

Dec 11 2020 – WOW! We’ve just been awarded funding from Rethink Ireland’s INNOVATE TOGETHER FUND to expand our Inishowen River Guardians Programme. It’s been a very busy time preparing for this funding and we’re very excited about 2021. Hope you can join us!

The Inishowen River Guardians is our specialised training programme which provides volunteers with the skills to Survey, Monitor and Restore the rivers and natural waterbodies of Inishowen. When we ran this course in 2019 we had a phenomenal response from the participants. Everyone loved getting involved and this September we used our skills on a restoration project on the Glennagannon River in Carndonagh.

Awardee of Innovate Together Fund 2020

Next year promises to be bigger and better and with this significant funding of €59,471 from Rethink Ireland we can expand the programme providing a richer and more effective training experience and be creative around our delivery of the training material.

Learning together in a social environment and actively engaging in nature brings many benefits for us and for our rivers. One of last years participants and active volunteer Thomas Lawrence from Buncrana says,

“Rivers have been part of my life for over thirty years and when I heard about the Inishowen Rivers Trust, their ethos and what they stand for, I was eager to join them. I now count myself among one of its voluntary members and it is such a privilege – not forgetting the amazing people I have met who do so much for our rivers and our environment. Having gained training through the River Guardians Programme run by the Trust, I am now able to use my skills to give back to something that represents a large part of my life – our rivers.”

It’s easy to get involved and it’s fun too. Just fill in our volunteer form and we will add you to the mailing list when the schedule is released in Spring 2021.

Volunteers pictured recently with photographer Clive Wasson.