Restoring Rivers

September 2018 – Consultant engineer Dr. Barry Walls gave an excellent talk in Colgan Hall on 29th September 2018 as part of the Inishowen Rivers Trust’s explorations on the theme of natural flood management. Dr. Walls talk began with an overview of the most common flood management practices and then went onto discuss natural methods of managing flood risk and the costs and benefits of restoring rivers. Barry has extensive experience in environmental engineering projects and the audience benefitted from his knowledge of how rivers behave and how we can work with them to improve and enhance our environment.

Mark Horton and Frank Mitchell from Ballinderry Rivers Trust also spoke at the event and demonstrated the River in a Box (EM River) which shows how rivers react to flow rates and can demonstrate sediment transportation and erosion in this sand filled model.

This event was kindly funded by the Waters & Communities Office through the Community Water Development Fund 2018. Many thanks to our speakers and the Colgan Hall staff for providing the facilities.

Download – Leaflet on Flood Management & Natural Water Retention (PDF 926KB)