Green days with Green Sod Ireland and Scoil Eoghan NS

Recently the IRT were invited to join Green Sod Ireland as they begin their journey to restore a plot of ground at Meenletterbale near Kinnagoe Bay. The Long Glen River runs into the bay and in times past a wooded corridor of hazel bordered the river, some of which still remains near the bay.

Pupils from Scoil Eoghain National School ventured out on a lovely sunny day at the beginning of March to plant trees in the riparian zone (along the riverbank) and learn more about the river itself.

It was a joy to see the younger generation planting these saplings which they will see grow to maturity.

Many thanks to the teachers who joined the pupils, Rose, Gary and Liam. Maith thu and go raibh mile maith agaibh.

We hope they will watch with satisfaction as the trees provide shelter for wildlife, attract and feed birds and pollinators and help protect the river.