Seeds of Change Award

Dec 2020 – The Inishowen Rivers Trust are delighted to be the recipients of a grant from ChangeMakers under their Seeds of Change Grant Scheme. The IRT will be using this funding to research one of our most secretive fish – the eel.

The European Eel (Anguilla anguilla) is a fascinating creature with a highly adaptive lifecycle that spends most of it’s adult life in freshwater, even though it is born in saltwater! (This is known as catadromous and is the opposite of the Atlantic Salmon which is anadromous).
But the eel is also considered a critically endangered species and are thought to have declined by over 90% since the 1970s. But why are the eels declining? What factors are causing this decline? What is being done to halt the decline? How common are eels in Inishowen? Are there many eels left here and what is the best habitat for these creatures?
To answer these questions and to find out more about the European Eel, the Inishowen Rivers Trust have commissioned IRT volunteer Thomas Lawrence (Buncrana) to do some desktop research on eels in Inishowen. In the new year we will run a webinar on “The Current Status and History of Eels in Inishowen“, to hear about Thomas’s findings. Social anthropologist Dr. Liam Campbell (Lough Neagh Partnership) will also join us to tell us more about the status of the eel fisheries on the River Bann and in Lough Neagh.
We are delighted to be awarded this funding and really looking forward to learning more about eels! #Seedsofchange #ChangeMakers #SDGs